Underachievement and Poor Motivation

When students or adults experience the distortions and physical symptoms caused by Irlen Syndrome, the effects may be far-reaching. There is a constant barrier between them and what they are trying to accomplish. This means that they have to put much more effort and energy into everyday tasks that others can complete quite easily and without stress. Because of these problems they may:

  • Underachieve.
  • Find it difficult to start a task.
  • Take much longer to complete tasks.
  • Be reluctant to read.
  • Need to take frequent breaks from activities.
  • Appear restless, fidgety or unable to concentrate.
  • Find it difficult to complete tests and examinations in the time given.
  • Have difficulty getting their ideas on paper.
  • Have difficulty organising themselves and their time.
  • Use diversionary tactics to avoid work.