Traumatic Brain Injuries, Head Injuries, Concussions and Whiplash

The effects of head injuries are most often classified into three categories: physical, cognitive and behavioral.

The physical effects of head injuries include such symptoms as:

* seizures;
* loss of motor speed and coordination;
* and the presence of abnormal movement such as tremors and spasticity.

Cognitive changes involve:

* disorders of attention, concentration and memory;
* problems with understanding or producing speech;
* difficulties with initiating and planning daily activities;
* and poor reasoning and judgment.

The behavioral effects include:

* agitation and irritability;
* verbal and physical aggressiveness;
* impulsivity;
* depression;
* and difficulty with interpersonal relationships.

Individuals who have suffered a head injury endure physical, cognitive, social, and vocational changes that can affect them for a short period of time or permanently.

For many, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can result in significant sensitivity to light, glare, contrast, bright colors, patterns and an inability to maintain attention and concentration. The Irlen Method can eliminate or improve these difficulties and improve ability to function.

How the Irlen Method Helps the Effects of Head Injuries

Damage to the brain makes it vulnerable to external stressors like light. Offensive wave lengths of light create extreme stress on the brain that affects many physical, cognitive and emotional areas of function. Filtering offensive wave lengths of light with the Irlen Method allows the brain to function more normally and helps it heal. Color calms the brain and reduces stress on the central nervous system.

Reported improvements with the use of Irlen Spectral Filters include:

* speech
* motor coordination
* body tremors
* headaches
* seizure activity
* word retrieval
* communication ability
* significant reduction in anxiety and irritability

Most changes occur within a short period of time.

Irlen clients with traumatic brain injuries who received Irlen Colored Lenses made steady improvements in areas where change had not previously occurred. Many Irlen clients reported improvements even years after the injury and after a variety of unsuccessful therapies.

Color protects the brain from further stress and allows healing to take place. The longer those with head injuries wear their Irlen Spectral Filters, the greater the increase in normal cognitive, behavioral and academic function.