The Irlen® Method is a Two-Stage Process – Step Two

An in depth assessment and colour evaluation, for those with moderate to severe problems, to determine both the full array of symptoms on the page and in the environment and the precise colours that are needed to filter out the exact wavelengths of light causing the perceptual difficulties. The colours are then worn as glasses or contact lenses. Since each person has different colour needs, the colour evaluation is crucial and can take some time to complete. At the end of the colour evaluation, the client knows exactly what the colours will do.

It is important to know that the colours for the filters worn as glasses will not be the same as the colours of the overlays chosen during the screening in Stage One. Also, the coloured lenses provided by optometrists and vision specialists to treat reading problems are NOT the same as those provided with the Irlen® Method. The Irlen® Method and Irlen® Filters are available only at Irlen Centres. Wearing the wrong colours can cause or worsen your problems.