Advice and information about the symptoms and individual situations is available from the Centres without obligation.

For individuals, we encourage you to complete the form on our check yourself out page and to contact us by email, attaching that form. We will then go through the form and contact you to discuss the results and further action that might be needed. For this there is no fee.

For companies, we would first encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements without obligation.

Stage One – Screening

If we feel that a screening for Irlen Syndrome is advisable, there are several options.

1. If the screening is for an employee, child or student, there may be an Irlen Screener in the workplace, school, college or university that can carry out the screening at no cost to the individual.

2. If there is no Screener at the establishment, or if it is for a private individual, the Centre will give the contact details for an Irlen Screener in their area who may be able to carry out the screening. The cost of this may vary but will probably be around €80 to €100.

3. An Irlen Diagnostician at your nearest Centre will carry out a more detailed screening. The cost of this may vary from Centre to Centre but will be around €100.

Stage Two – Full Assessment and Colour Evaluation

Those who have moderate to severe problems and for whom the coloured overlays help, need to have a full assessment and colour evaluation to determine their specific symptoms and colour needs. This stage is very detailed and can take some time to complete. Appointments are made for sessions lasting two to three hours and these are generally undertaken at an Irlen Centre.

Consultations may also be arranged to take place at colleges, universities or for companies on their site. A screening costs €100 and tinting cost €380.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the treatments and prices.