rlen Syndrome is a condition that affects the quality of life for 12-15% of the population but that is easily controlled through assessment and coloured filters that help children and adults regain control of their lives.

This website provides information about Irlen Syndrome, what types of symptoms are linked to Irlen Syndrome, and what treatments are available.

Throughout the UK, Irlen centres are helping people, both as individuals and as employees to take back control of their lives and we've included a selection of testimonials from those that we've helped over the years.

We offer a downloadable document on our check yourself out page, which you can complete and email to any of our centres and we are more than happy to discuss by telephone how we may be able to help without obligation.

We hope that our website provides most of the answers you're looking for but please do contact us if we can help clarify anything further and we'll be happy to help.

He loves wearing the radical and cool glasses, as his friends at school call them. I call them our salvation. He has become a lot more confident and his school work has improved dramatically. quotation markThe only problem has been that his classmates have been trying to wear sunglasses to school.

Mary, mother of student age 9