Dyslexic Type Problems

Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome are different conditions. Dyslexia is a language processing problem which makes it difficult for people to access text. Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual processing problem which makes it difficult to access print. The two problems may exist separately or co-exist. Sometimes it may appear that someone has dyslexia when in fact they have Irlen Syndrome. It is quite easy to see how the following symptoms can be confused with dyslexia. If a person is suffering from distortions of print and from physical symptoms caused by glare and brightness from the page and the board when trying to read, write or copy, they will show similar difficulties to those who are dyslexic.

  • Letter confusions
  • Reversals of letters when reading and/or writing.
  • Slow and hesitant reading.
  • Poor comprehension.
  • Misreading words.
  • Losing their place.
  • Avoiding reading.
  • Poor handwriting.
  • Difficulty completing work.

The Irlen® Method of testing will determine whether someone has Irlen Syndrome. If this is the case, Irlen Centres will provide a simple, non-invasive and effective treatment through the use of coloured filters worn as glasses or contact lenses. The colours, which are specific to each individual, will alleviate the print distortions and physical symptoms caused by Irlen Syndrome. However, they will not treat the language process problems caused by dyslexia. Specific support will be needed for this and Irlen Centres will offer advice.